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"Portraits of Councillors of Lambton Council 1890" [001 000617], Snowball, Ralph
Portraits of Councillors of Lambton Council 1890
Portraits of Councillors of Lambton Council 1890
Type Hunter Photo Bank
Registration Number 001 000617
Snowball, Ralph
Date Created 1890
City Newcastle (NSW)
Physical Description Shows ten individual Councillors and Lambton township.
Subject Classification Lambton Municipal Council (NSW)
Payne, Arthur L
Dent, William Thomas
Jones, T. S.
Screen, Thomas
Sample, John
Johnson, Thomas
Thomas, Richard Glenwright
Thomas, George
Palmer, Joseph
Robinson, Joseph
Lambton (NSW)
Notes Councillors: Arthur L. Payne, William Thomas Dent, T. S. Jones, Thomas Screen, John Sample, Thomas Johnson, Richard Glenwright, George Thomas, Joseph Palmer, Joseph Robinson,
Inscription This image is provided for research purposes only and must not be reproduced without the prior permission of the Newcastle Region Library.
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