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"Dulmont Magnum Portable Computer" [2002/5.1], Dulmont Electronic Systems Propriety Limited
Dulmont Magnum Portable Computer
Dulmont Magnum Portable Computer
Type Museum Collection
Registration Number 2002/5.1
Dulmont Electronic Systems Propriety Limited Manufacturer
Place of Creation Australia
City Narara
Physical Description The object is a black rectangular plastic (ATP) case 325 mm wide x 285 mm deep x 60 mm high. The front half of the top opens to reveal a display screen 238 mm wide x 38 mm high, plus a keyboard with 76 keys (2 green, 17 black, 9 dark grey, and 48 light grey) and a sliding knob which controls the angle of the display screen. The back has a corrugated area 140 mm wide and 20 mm high for cooling, one rectangular 60-pin electrical socket, two rectangular 15 pin electrical sockets, and two round single circuit electrical connectors. Each side has a slide button 15mm x 20mm towards the front for opening the front of the top of the case.
Subject Classification COMPUTING
Notes The first decade of the Personal Computer was marked by a large number of different computer designs produced by a large number of companies, including some in Australia. such as Dulmont which had its design and production facility at Narara. Most of these, including Dulmont, failed to survive the inevitable market rationalization. This is a good example of an early, portable, IBM-compatible PC and, having been a "demonstration" model, is in excellent condition.

This system was designed and manufactured by Dulmont Electronic Systems of Hornsby in their factory at Narara. It was purchased through Computerland for $2,495 by Ray White who was trading as Adamstown Computing Equipment Suppliers in Adamstown Heights. He sold "half a dozen" of these systems in the mid 1980's. None of these sales involved the optional floppy discs since these were relatively new and very dear. This system was based on an Intel 80186 processor and had 96KB of RAM, 128KB of internal ROM (holding MSDOS 2.0), two 128KB external ROM packs (one holding a modified version of the Wordstar word processing package and the other a spreadsheet package), a 4 line by 80 character display, a 24 line by 80 character video output, one parallel data I/O port and two serial data I/O ports.
Inscription "DULMONT" on the top; "DULMONT MAGNUM" inside the top cover; "DULMONT ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS PTY LTD MODEL DM 256 SERIAL NO. 01546 MADE IN AUSTRALIA " on sticker on bottom.
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