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Sporting Person: TRESIDDER, JOHN, Cycling
Tressider, John
Type Sporting Person
Person Details TRESIDDER, JOHN
Sport Details Cycling
Member of the Sporting Hall of Fame Yes
Biography John Tresidder, born July 30 1932, excelled at running, diving and rugby league in his school years at Carrington and Broadmeadow Primary Schools and subsequently Hamilton Marist Brothers.
However, it was as a cyclist that he carved his niche in sporting history later in life. The spotlight focused on him in 1947 as the New South Wales Juvenile Road and Track Champion and in 1948-49 when he reigned as State and Australian titleholder.
Achievements STATE:
1951 - New South Wales Sprint Champion
1952 - New South Wales Track Champion
1951 - Australian Sprint Champion
1954 - 2 Degree World Sprint Championships (Cologne, Germany)
1955 - Won Paris Grand Prix
1955 - Odense Grand Prix
1955 - Isle of Man Grand Prix
1955 - 3 Degree World Sprint Championships (Milan, Italy)
1955 - Esberg Grand Prix (Denmark)
1956 - Copenhagen Grand Prix (Denmark)
1956 - Odense Grand Prix
1956 - 4 Degree Sprint Championship
1957/62 - Won Six-Day Race (Cleveland USA - 3 Times)
- Won Six-Day Race (Louisville, USA)
- Won Six-Day Race (Madrid, Spain)
- Won Six-Day Race (Lille, France)
- Won Six-Day Race (Newcastle, Australia)
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