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Sporting Person: WILTSHIRE, TODD, Motorcycle Speedway
Wiltshire, Todd
Type Sporting Person
Person Details WILTSHIRE, TODD
Sport Details Motorcycle Speedway
Member of the Sporting Hall of Fame Yes
Biography A SPEEDWAY rider always competes, like a racetrack jockey, in an atmosphere of uncertainty.
In a packed field potential danger hovers to threaten the course of a career.
So it was that Todd Wiltshire, in the prime of his racing life, copped a rough deal from the hand of fate.
Wiltshire was riding in the final of the 1992 Australian speedway championship in South Australia when he was cruelly injured in a fall.
In the preceding years his career had blossomed on British tracks after a recreational start with the Lake Macquarie Mini-Cycle Club in 1979.
Wiltshire gave his sister Fiona credit for launching his career, saying she was his inspiration through her own involvement in dirt track racing.
After claiming a crop of titles as a junior Wiltshire took out the Australian 500cc title in his first year as a senior in 1986.
Keen for a fresh challenge, he turned to speedway racing and won the ACT championships in 1987 and 1988.
He made his English debut in 1988, starting with Wimbledon in the second division and then moving up to Reading in the British Leagues first division.
He was a part of Wimbledon teams that finished knockout cup runners-up in 1988 and second in the national league in 1989, when he also won the Scottish open title.
In 1990 he was voted British speedway rider of the year after finishing third in the world solo championship at Bradford.
His Reading team won the league title and knockout cup and he finished second in the world best pairs event in Germany.
Six years Germany provided Todd with the opportunity to return to competition and in 1997 and 1998 he won their national championship.
In the period from 1999 to 2002 he twice won the Australian Solo Championships and was three times a member of the World Team Cup Champions.
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